Podcast Episode 10 Tile

Stepping Up For Your Family Doesn’t Mean Stepping Back From Work

Interview with Nikola Gasic / Newly minted C.F.A. Charterholder, Parent and Lead Dad

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Nikola Gasic believed his employer when it offered him paternity leave when his son was born: take it, someone else will cover for you, your job will be here when you return. He took paternity leave to spend time with his son but he also took it because his wife’s job was more entrepreneurial than his: if she was out for six months it would be a set back to her career. As an investment manager, he could step back into his role and rely on teammates to keep things going. And in between juggling Lead Dad responsibilities, he decided to complete the hardest professional exam in finance. So when he returns to work, he’ll do so as a C.F.A. charterholder. Listen in to hear more serious Lead Dad balancing.