Podcast Episode 11 Tile

How To Balance Two Careers Without Resentment

Interview with Michael Teager / Jazz saxophonist, Early Remote Worker, Lead Dad

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Michael Teager is a renown saxophone player with multiple recordings who was gigging several times a week before his son was born. His wife, a musician and teacher, needed to return to work fairly quickly, so he stepped up to take over childcare duties. He felt he could make it all work. He stopped teaching, reduced his gigs, and asked to shift the hours of his job as a business manager to nights. But it came at a cost: sleep, music friendships, free time. He thought his life would return to normal in 2019 when his son went to school, but then Covid hit and his son was back with him. Oh and the family had moved to Buffalo, where he knew no one. Listen to how Teager balanced so much, kept following his passion and never quit.