Podcast Episode 12 Tile

Prepping Lead Dads To Be Ready From The Start

Interview with Keegan Albaugh / Founder of Dad Guild, Educator, Lead Dad

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

Keegan Albaugh readily admits that his wife, a grad student and stand-up comic, pushed him into starting what became Dad Guild. But after he gathered with a handful of other new fathers in Burlington, Vermont, he realized what he was striving to do was no joke. Normalizing fathers taking care of their babies was serious business. Tons of funny moments ensued along the way. Imagine a gaggle of dads with babies strapped to their chests walking through a park – the reactions were more akin to seeing a Hell’s Angels parade than watching parents care for newborns. Albaugh has built Dad Guild into a network of 500-plus fathers around Vermont and he is partnering with national organizations to spread what they’re doing for new parents. Hear how he has brought new dads out of their shells and helped them overcome basic fears and anxieties around being a Lead Dad to their young children.