Podcast Episode 13 Tile

Firefighting, Fraternity and Family

Interview with Max Rivera / New York City Firefighter, Lead Dad

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

After the September 11 attacks, Max Rivera knew he wanted to be a New York City firefighter. It’s not an easy job to get but he was determined to do it. It took him over a decade to accomplish his goal. But he made it and was assigned to a storied fire house in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He’s now part of an elite special operations squad that backs up other fire houses. While he can leave the job at work, it’s harder to leave his Lead Dad responsibilities at home when he reports to the station. He’s got support: his community of fellow firefighters. Because of their schedules of days living in the firehouse and days off, New York’s Bravests are a group full of Lead Dads. What’s more difficult – responding to a three-alarm fire or being a Lead Dad on little sleep to his two kids when his wife is at the office? Hear for yourself.