Podcast Episode 14 Tile

Wisdom from The Delivery Room

Interview with David Weinstein / Legendary Baby Doctor – At Nearly 11,000 Births

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

David Weinstein has delivered nearly 11,000 babies in the New York area—most at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut. He’s one of the all-time greats. Stories of his grace and coolness under pressure are legion. High-risk pregnancies? No problem. Record deliveries in a day? 12 – out of 600 a year for him and his partner in their prime. Time with his own family? Turns out he had a streak of delivering most of his babies while his kids were asleep. Ahead of Mother’s Day, Dr. Weinstein shared some of his extraordinary experiences and talked about some of the lessons he’s learned after bringing so many babies into the world. Listen to his wisdom on parenting from the very start.