Rage Day – Honolulu, HI

Aloha to our Lead Dad of the Week, Rage Day, an all-around positive, happy husband and father who has settled in Honolulu, Hawaii – after living in 11 states in his 57 years. 

It’s a fit for him, his wife Melissa, a lawyer; and their seven-year-old son Orion, better known as Big Man. The couple met in Los Angeles nearly two decades ago and have practiced a radical honesty since then.

“We’ve always been a team since day one,” he said. “When she got accepted to law school out here, she said I’m going to be going to law school full time, and I can’t work. I said I’ve got you. I went to work at one of the resorts and made enough money so she didn’t have to.”

The same now goes for their son. “My days off are centered around his soccer,” said Rage who works in the hospitality business. “I take him home, get him ready and get him to my wife’s office and we all go to soccer practice together.”

 “We always tell Orion this family functions as a team,” he said. “We’re Team Day.”

But as a Lead Dad, Rage is grateful for those moments he gets with the Big Man. “He’s in 2nd grade, and I walk him home from school. He said to me, Dad I want to walk home with you in 7th grade. Then he said Dad I want to always walk with you.”