Super Bowl Champ Najee Goode

“The week leading up to the Super Bowl – it was like a movie,” says Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champ Najee Goode in today’s Company of Dads podcast. “I had my daughters there. My second daughter was just born. I was able to dress her in all the bedazzled gear.”

Super Bowl Champ Najee Goode with his daughter

Goode, a Lead Dad and tech entrepreneur, recounts his favorite memories from Super Bowl LII – when the Eagles beat the New England Patriots – and his nine seasons in the NFL. Two of his best memories? They involve besting a certain #GOAT Tom Brady.

Zooming right after he dropped his older daughter off at ballet in Jacksonville, where he now lives, Goode was eager to relay both serious and silly fatherhood lessons from football, particularly when it comes to his two girls. “My motivation for still working out is one day my girls are going to be big enough to date someone, and I want to be able to take them down,” he jokes on the pod.

Hear him talk about what being a Lead Dad – and a Veepio entrepreneur in his post-NFL life – means to him.