The Birdock

Growing up in western Massachusetts in the 1980s, I know snow. One, the winters of my childhood are one snowy blizzard after another. Two, we didn’t have a garage.

I thought of it this past weekend when a blizzard blanketed the east coast, dropping temperatures to near-freezing even in south Florida. While snow was fun for me, it was misery for my parents to remove from their cars, in the cold, in the dark and with not much time to spare before work. I have memories of one crummy, drugstore snowbrush after another – they broke, they left ice on the windshield, they didn’t work well.

Now that it seems like every part of the country gets snow at some point in the winter – look out Georgia! – you’ve got to have snow brushes in all of your cars. Paying a little more for a good one is worth it. I have Snow MOOver Snow Brushes in our cars.

As for knowing what’s happening and planning accordingly – this was our second weekend in a row largely inside with our kids – my absolute favorite weather app is Dark Sky. It’s crazy accurate, particularly in the summer when I’ve trusted it to time storms to within a few minutes. Click here to purchase.