Podcast Episode 38 Tile

What Working Dads Can Ask For: An Attorney’s Advice

Interview with Michael Cohen / Employment lawyer, Philly sports fan, Lead Dad

Hosted by Paul Sullivan

When Michael Cohen’s first daughter was born, some 20 years ago, he was afraid to take paternity leave. Not super shocking in the early 2000s – unless you know that Coach Mike, as his daughters and their friends call him, is an employment lawyer who helps companies craft their workplace policies – including around parental leave. Back then, he was afraid to ask the senior partners at his firm for time off when so many of them boasted about the parenting moments they had missed. Today, Mike is that senior partner and he encourages men and women to take time to be parents. He trusts they’ll get everything done and knows how important that flexibility is. When it comes to the companies he advises, he said things are getting better but there’s still room for improvement. Listen to him talk about what companies should do, what employees need to ask for and how much he learned from coaching his daughters in sports.